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Not surprising, at The Family Tree Company., we’re all about family tree’s.
Sure, in our teens family can be seemingly an endless source of embarrassment, but most of us treasure the bond we have with our family unit, especially as it expands and grows.
Forget about your family research sitting on a computer or box in the back of the cupboard, these family trees are the perfect décor accessory, no water required. With museum quality framing and 100% Cotton Rag archival paper, your family history can become a modern day family heirloom, guaranteed to last.
We made it easy for you to create your keepsake in 3 STEPS, that can be the perfect gift for a milestone birthday, a wedding, anniversary, or just because.
Each piece is completely personal and available in 3, 4 and 5 generations (more to come) and in a range of impressive styles, colours and sizes - just like a family.
My name is Olga Grueva the founder and creative director, thank you for reading my story, please come and explore the full range here and most of all welcome to the family, where everyone belongs.


Have you ever been to a place far away, seen photographs from generations past or visited relatives only to feel a sudden sense of belonging?
It was the Summer of 2000 in Europe, on a trip to meet my family for the first time and I felt an overwhelming sense of belonging; so much so that it was to become the driving force behind The Family Tree Company. I had always had a desire to meet my extended family. The only encounters growing up were via photos and telephone conversations during festive times of the year, which only left my sister and I conjuring up stories, imagining what the past and present held. It didn’t matter that we were thousands of miles apart we always felt a strong bond, a bond that is still strong to this day. 
Fast forward to 2010, I had an accident that almost made me a paraplegic. It was a pivotal point, a point at which I would need the care of my family. What would I do without them? I wake up every day thanking my lucky stars, the support of my family and that fact that I could walk, but believe me, it hasn’t been easy. It was a time of reflection, a year in bed to think about what mattered most, which took me back to all things family, and love ones. 
So it may come as no surprise that the inspiration that, The Family Tree Company’s aim was to create a product that was guaranteed to last. It became an obvious choice to use the highest quality materials from our paper to individually handmade frames. Our belief is all about the quality of things in life that we can bring our family trees to life, creating a product to showcase for your place in history, whilst made with love.


The collection is inspired by the beauty of fine artisan papers, the love of typography combined with 20+ years of design experience, and most of all creating designs that remain relevant and withhold over time. Our goal is to look at the emotional needs of people in their daily lives be enhancing their space with beautiful things made with love. Each detail in the design process is considered, from the stamping of a person name in each print, recording the creation date, to the finer details of colour palettes and typography choices. Details and fine touches that will become relevant, sustain time and restore a sense of fulfillment in people’s lives.


At The Family Tree Co., our well-crafted wall art is designed to take you back in time, start conversations about time past, where we feel proud as punch about the people and things we love. From the beautifully selected artisan, cotton papers to the bespoke handmade frames The Family Tree Company fills the gap by creating things made with care over time and made to last. Each family tree has been created as a keepsake to be handed down through the generations, gifted or just simply be.