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Today, I am posting on the blog a day early. Why? I am super lucky to be featured on Of Kin - Leap Stories. A big thank you to Domini Marshall and Kylie Lewis whom I met last year at Life InStyle in Melbourne, when instantly connected and we got talking and after 12 months from our initial meeting I'm really humbled by the support from Kylie and Of Kin to feature as one of the Of Kin Leap Stories.

Thank you my lovely ladies!



The following is a portion from the Of Kin website. To read the full story click in the link below:

Full-time employee. To full-time freelance designer. Back to full-time employee with a side gig. Throw in several redundancies and a life-threatening accident, and you’ve got several leaps in all sorts of directions. So is the story of Olga Grueva, founder of family tree digital printing business, The Family Tree Co.

We’re big on family and kin around these parts. And many leap takers call on their family to help them make the jump. In Olga’s case, it was a 12-month bed-ridden recovery requiring the full care of her family that crystallised what was important, and inspired her to create customised, archival quality, bespoke, framed family tree prints to honor her loved ones.

Olga’s story reminds me of some wise words I once heard from Martha Beck while speaking at Oprah’s 2011 O You live event. You may have noticed that in reporting leap stories, I’m not an advocate of ‘following your passion’. But in this talk, Martha reminds us that passion originally meant suffering: it’s derived from the latin word ‘pati’ which means suffer. She points that we know all about the passion of things that give us joy. But she also calls us to look at the other side of passion – that of which we have suffered and survived, as a way to tap into a hot track to our passion:

“Think of the worst thing you ever suffered and healed from, the worst thing you survived and got better. If you knew that what you will do in your life will ease that same suffering for other people who are experiencing that same painful experience; if you knew your life would heal them, how many of you would feel good about that?

The place where you will find the clearest track of your passion is where those two things meet. Think about how you can apply the things you love to do (like photography or teaching) to something in the world that is hurting the way you once were hurt… I guarantee you this if you put those two things together… there are so many people who are looking for that kind of help and so many ways to exercise your passion, that if you combine joy and healing and put them together you will find the track to something that may not even exist yet.”

Through her joy of designing and her physical suffering Olga found her track, and in the process created something which didn’t exist before now. That’s a mighty leap.

To get your family tree in time to put it under your Christmas tree, place your order by Wednesday 23 November, and show your kin some love.

Olga’s resilience to keep getting back up over and over when life has knocked her down is a reminder that we are never done in creating our life, and that our suffering can be the start of something beautiful for the world.


Kylie xx

p.s. Don’t forget, to have your family tree in time for Christmas, order by 23 November!

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