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Posted on October 18, 2016 by Olga Grueva | 0 Comments

I’m a big stickler for all things monogram to the point where I have considered buying a Singer XL400 Futura so I can embroid monograms til my heart's content.
As a kid growing up I always had a monogrammed handkerchief for special occasions, white with lace edges embroiled with a script font. I think my obsession comes from my mother's obsession.
My mother is quite ‘proper’, or a ’snob’ as my sister and I put it jokingly. My mother was sent off to finishing school and thinks it’s important to have one’s initials visible when the need to blow one's nose. That and the fact that she did grow up in an aristocratic house where the wallpaper was hand painted and heirlooms were monogrammed, oh how times have changed.

Whether you have royal title, have dreams of becoming the next princess of Denmark, I loving seeing people’s insignia, whether it be on personalised stationery, a luggage tag, an embodied cuff, it leaves my guessing. 

So go forth and give yourself the royal treatment in either single, double or triple characters.

Here are my top 5 websites to add the royal touch:

Thanks for reading, shop the range now:


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