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TFTCo_Pantone 1787 C_Chanel
999, Ruby Woo, Spice, Lady Danger, Funny Face, Pirate, Intense Nude, Brazen.  
So some of you might recognise what all these words mean in an instant, Ruby Woo before you ask is not the latest clothing label to hit the high streets.

If you’re like me as a child and used to rummage through your mother's makeup purse, then you will recognise these all time best seller lipstick colours. As opposed to an Audrey Hepburn movie called ‘Funny Face’.

As a graphic designer, I have always wanted the glamorous job of sitting around all day making names up. I’m not talking about the names that you used to make up for people sitting in the back of science class. I’m talking about names matched to the latest lip colour. 

My first exposure to colour growing up would have to be my mother's makeup case, her choice of lip colour was ‘Pirate' by Chanel.
TFTCo_Chanel Pirate Red

Pirate was my choice of colour as well, a stick of colour I thought resembled crayons, and in real ‘Pirate’ style, the rebellion in me decided it was also the perfect tool to draw inside my mother's new bamboo chest of draws. ‘Pirate’ red was also one of many luscious shades of red my mother turned after she discovered sudden my creative urge.

Fast forward to the present, I have swapped lipsticks for Pantone decks, and I have taken my use of red down a notch to more of a cherry red.

Over the past months, I had been sharing some insights into the colours used in the new collection via our social media channel’s and wanted to share some of the colour mood boards that have inspired the colour palettes that you see in our range.

TFTCo_Pantone Deck_Image Olga Grueva

I hope you enjoy, thanks and much love.
O x

Cherry: My first Country Road piece of clothing was a Cherry Red cotton knit jumper, I wish I still had that now.

What are your favourite colours from the new range?



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