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Posted on October 31, 2016 by Olga Grueva | 0 Comments

TFTCo - Halloween 2016 with Cotton On



Growing up and today I’m not one for dress ups. I think it stems from my mother being too busy to do anything kiddie. I had always wanted to dress up as a little kid a roam the streets with the other kids. I think I even did some years, all purely based on the idea that you knocked on a door said “trick or treat”, thinking you got candy straight up
without understanding I had just asked “trick” or “treat”. Trick what trick I had not tricks.

There may have been the off occasion where I may have dressed up as my mother for her to only find out later. The smudge of chocolate on her favorite dress was sure not going to unnoticed. Who was I kidding anyway?

I love seeing this time of year and all the little kiddy outfits popping up, and image of the kiddilie winks dressed up.

On the blog today we showcase Cotton On and the range of kids clothing inspiration for the Halloween celebrations.

Click on the link for some last minute purchases if you’re running behind schedule, and the bonus is all the dress me up ranges start from $5.00

Have a spooky night kids.



Disclaimer: this is not a paid post, I just love the outfits.



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